Welcome to Mirrorlabs Skin Studio!

Hello everyone!

I want to make a formal announcement to invite you to try my new website, Mirrorlabs Skin Studio.

Mirrorlabs Skin Studio is a new and exciting way of creating skins for use in Second Life. Using this flash web interface, you can create a custom avatar skin right on the 3d model and export your finished skin instantly! You can read all about it on the review posted on Second Style Fashionista:
Mirrorlabs: your own custom skins at a mouseclick.

It currently uses Eloh Eliots open source skins as a base, and is in the alpha testing phase. I am going to be improving and adding new skins, options and content as the testing continues. ( tattoos, makeup, freckles , special features) . Testing has been going great so far, and the feedback has been excellent.
See my future file for a list of ideas and future improvements that are planned.

What this demo website can potentially mean to skin artists:
– Allow your customers to create custom skins with the features they want – eliminating the need to create hundreds of different makeup combinations in different skin tones. This eliminates the work of having to create, upload, sort, organize, and maintain hundreds of vendors for a single skin line. Your customers can simply pick the features they want.

– Currently the website allows the customer access to the full-perm textures, but I am currently researching possible alternatives. The full-perm textures can also be created in folders privately, and uploaded by the creator and distributed to customers personally.

– Brand and customize the look and feel of the site to suit your line!

If this interests you, please contact me at gbtunney [at] mac.com or use my contact form and we can discuss the possibilities.

CHECK IT OUT! THE SITE : Mirrorlabs Skin Studio

Get a quick idea of whats going on from the demo vids:

Step 1: Create the Skin

part 2: Export the skin


Gillian aka Delaney Whippet

2 Responses to “Welcome to Mirrorlabs Skin Studio!”

  1. Very impressive, Gillian!

    I wonder if you’ve looked into using a bot for inworld delivery? Prim Composer, http://liferain.com/downloads/primcomposer/ uses a bot to autoupload your 3dsmax builds into SL. The importer, Maxport, is a command line app that can automatically upload a folder full of textures into a designated inventory folder in SL.

    I wonder if something like that couldn’t be modified to detect an order on the website, upload the textures and deliver them automatically inworld. Maybe even automatically assemble a the skin from the textures?

    Anyway, Great work! I’m eager to see how this progresses.

  2. ooh! that is very interesting. I had figured something like that would be possible and was asking around for information ( but hadn’t heard of anything yet ) . THANKS SO much for that specific example – that gives me a great starting point to figure out what is going on. I will definitely check it out.