Microphage Aria Jumper-Dress – L$150

A cute and stylish jumper dress, Aria Jumper-Dress in 4 different colors. Each dress comes with a TON of layer options, including suspenders, undershirt, no suspenders..

Aria Jumper-Dress – L$150 in Pink, Yellow, Teal and Black

Check out beautiful Gillian Waldman’s review on Deux Looks
Jacket Layers:
-Jumper Only
-Jumper (no suspenders)
Shirt Layers:
-Jumper with Tube Top
-Jumper Only
-Jumper (no suspenders)
Undershirt Layers:
-Jumper and Tube Top
-Tube Top Only
Prim Skirt
Prim Skirt (no alpha)

This hand drawn dress is my take on recent fashion trends… the cool gradient fabrics at Prada, and the high waisted looks that have been everywhere!

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Available at:
Microphage Boutique in Seomna

Microphage Hope Zipper Dress – $L115

Hope Zipper Dress – L$115 in Black, Blue and Orange

A clingy and versatile dress, Hope Zipper Dress in 3 different colors. Each dress comes with a variety of layer options, including 3 colors of belts, that can be worn separately!
3 color belts w/ shirt ( pink, blue, orange )
Shirt no belt
Undershirt no belt
3 belts on jacket layer
Prim Pencil Skirt

This dress can be worn in so many styles! From super sexy, to rocker-chick to sporty. The neckline also looks great under jackets, v or scoop-necks!

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Available at:
Microphage Boutique in Seomna