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Mirrorlabs is a new and exciting way of creating textures for use in Second Life. Using the flash web interface, you can create a custom avatar skin right on the 3d model and export your finished skin instantly! The products and items it is using are mainly Eloh Eliots and Sezmra Svarog’s open source skins, and as well as some of my own creations from Microphage. I will be working to expand the library and make thumbnails of the product. Mirrorlabs will eventually allow for user made stores – items that are mix and matched from different sources are billed seperately. Anyway, I would love if you try it out! It still needs a ton of work, so any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated so I can shape this into a site that is very cool!

About Facebook : I used facebook connect for the login at the current time. It was easy to implement and I wanted to take advantage ( in the near future ) of the social networking potential ( being able to view your friends avatars, gifting items.. etc ). I understand this is a drawback for people that don’t use facebook or don’t want to connect their avatars to their real life identity. I am going to enable another way to login other that facebook soon, i have looked into openid becuase livejournal uses that but would appreciate any other login systems people would like to use.


Here is a live demo of the ( soon to be ) embeddable player. I also embedded some of the Help Demo Videos so you can get an idea of what you can do with my site! ( behind the cut )

Mirrorlabs Sneak Peak!


It’s been awhile since there has been an update, so here is a quick update on what I have been working on with Mirrorlabs! Mirrorlabs is a Avatar and Texture Creator ( currently for Second Life ). The tentative release date is December 1st – so you can get an idea of what will be available.

Mirrorlabs Sneak Peek Screencast Videos: (the alpha is currently unreleased to the public)

  • Part 1 : Avatar Roster and Store
  • Part 2 : Store Continued…
  • Part 3 : Exporting
  • Part 4 : Facebook and other stuff

  • Mirrorlabs is written in Flex ( actionscript 3 ) using Papervision Library for 3d rendering. Gillian Tunney ( Delaney Whippet in Second Life ) is the main developer, with special thanks to Pierce P Henderson for amazing work on the core player and additional designs.

    Future Additions Include:
    – Embed the player on websites ( like the youtube player )
    – Ability to upload your own content
    – User created stores
    – Mesh Morphing / Posing
    – Multiple meshes for jewelry customizing and hair
    – API available for the core player ( manipulate mesh positions, layer order, apply filters )

    Please send any inquiries and comments to gbtunney[at]mac.com or comment in this post.

    ** Prices in the screencast are not the actual prices, and the items on export bill seperately to the creator.

    Discuss on plurk with me if you want here is the thread i made: Plurk

    Microphage L$25 Sale!

    Microphage L$25 Sale

    Second Life Fashions by Delaney Whippet. Awesome boutique featuring eclectic, psychedelic,retro fashions in fun vivid colors.
    Get your ride there now!
    Microphage SLURL

    What is the status of Mirrorlabs Skin Studio?
    Mirrorlabs is a cuttng edge avatar creation tool that runs right in your web browser. You are able to create highly detailed and specialized three dimensional characters with no additional software. Share them anywhere you want, all over the web!

    The last time I sent out a notice, ( which was like, gosh, 6 months ago ) I introduced the new project as Mirrorlabs Skin Studio. I decided to rethink and expand on the concept and have decided to add a new team member, Pierce Henderson, as a lead programmer. We are rebuilding the project from the ground up and making it easier to use, and run better. We are expecting this new version to go live as a closed alpha around August 1st. You can get a sneak peak of some of the avatars at http://alpha.mirrorlabs.com as well as sign up to be on our alpha tester invite list! Hope you enjoy the Microphage Sale, and we hope to see you at Mirrorlabs!

    In the meantime you can:

    Mirrorlabs Alpha Signup
    Mirrorlabs Blog
    Friend me on plurk!

    LOOKBOOK: june by delaney whippet


    Del in Summer fun fashions! Soundtrack: THE TECHNICOLOR WEB OF SOUND

    Outfit Details:
    Outfit 1:

    Dress: Sheer: Shift (Red)
    Necklace: Paper Couture: Crystal Bloom Set
    Tights: Sheer: Tights 15: Stripe-Fade (Black)
    Hair: FS Hair: Lyrlia
    Skin: Gala Phoenix : Sienna (Pearl)

    Outfit 2:
    Outfit: katat0nik: Thailor Dress ( white )
    Hair: Zero Style: Tita (Silver)
    Skin: Gala Phoenix : Sienna (Pearl)
    Tights: Sheer: Tights 17: Leaves (Black)
    Shoes: Stiletto Moody: Stud Pumps (Silver)

    Outfit 3:
    Outfit: Eshi Otawara: Blossoms Blue
    Hair: Ai Ni : Ella
    Earrings: Paper Couture: Chandy Earrings
    Glasses: Neaban: Paris
    Shoes: Stiletto Moody: Stud Pumps (Black)
    Skin: Curio by Gala Phoenix: April-Crocus 1 ( Moonbeam )

    Outfit 4:
    Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye: Monocrom Pants and Coat (Black)
    Hair: Junwave: Pop’nGirl (IceMint)
    Cuffs: Last Call: Wildchild Cuff Set
    Shoes: HeartsDesire: Rompers
    Hair Piece: MinaJunk: Free Butterfly

    Link to this lookbook entry on Flickr!

    Welcome to Mirrorlabs Skin Studio!

    Hello everyone!

    I want to make a formal announcement to invite you to try my new website, Mirrorlabs Skin Studio.

    Mirrorlabs Skin Studio is a new and exciting way of creating skins for use in Second Life. Using this flash web interface, you can create a custom avatar skin right on the 3d model and export your finished skin instantly! You can read all about it on the review posted on Second Style Fashionista:
    Mirrorlabs: your own custom skins at a mouseclick.

    It currently uses Eloh Eliots open source skins as a base, and is in the alpha testing phase. I am going to be improving and adding new skins, options and content as the testing continues. ( tattoos, makeup, freckles , special features) . Testing has been going great so far, and the feedback has been excellent.
    See my future file for a list of ideas and future improvements that are planned.

    What this demo website can potentially mean to skin artists:
    – Allow your customers to create custom skins with the features they want – eliminating the need to create hundreds of different makeup combinations in different skin tones. This eliminates the work of having to create, upload, sort, organize, and maintain hundreds of vendors for a single skin line. Your customers can simply pick the features they want.

    – Currently the website allows the customer access to the full-perm textures, but I am currently researching possible alternatives. The full-perm textures can also be created in folders privately, and uploaded by the creator and distributed to customers personally.

    – Brand and customize the look and feel of the site to suit your line!

    If this interests you, please contact me at gbtunney [at] mac.com or use my contact form and we can discuss the possibilities.

    CHECK IT OUT! THE SITE : Mirrorlabs Skin Studio

    Get a quick idea of whats going on from the demo vids:

    Step 1: Create the Skin

    part 2: Export the skin


    Gillian aka Delaney Whippet

    LOOKBOOK: december by delaney whippet


    Super Styling Happy Rave Wear! Yays! Making me smile in December!
    Soundtrack: Crazy fast retro hard techno mix, that i mixed on vinyl under the name “gill>” in 2002. ha.ha!

    Outfit Details:

    Outfit 1:
    Coat: Bare Rose: White Fur Parka
    Pants: Sweetest Goodbye: Monocrom – Gold/ Pants (woman)
    Gloves: TAP: Leather Gloves Short (Merlot)
    Headpiece: Alienbear Gupte: BijouxOr Design (Oriental Tang – Mui Fei Hair pieces (Red))
    Earrings: Earthtones Boutique / Lucas Lameth: Maya Earring, Crimson/Gold
    Arm Cuff: Pushbutton Industries: The Wrist Physician
    Sneakers: Muism: LS sneaker/Red Female
    Hair: Little Heaven : Rabi White

    Outfit 2:
    Outfit: Veschi: Jersey Girl (yellow)
    Necklace: ICoN: BC Necklace set by Junko Otsuka
    Hoof Boots: **SF** :Icarus Ravers by Micah Kuhn
    Hat: Curio Obscura: Camera Hat v1.2 ( modded to be very tiny!)
    Hair: Ai Ni : Ella – Pearl/Silver

    Outfit 3:
    Outfit: Bare Rose: Argyle Vest (Blue- worn with skirt)
    Socks: Canimal : Mismatched old socks (stars yellow/orange)
    Earrings: Paper Couture: Black Fleur Earrings
    Necklace: Armidi Limited: Zimbawe Necklace (Techno)
    Cuff: Cream Shop: Lily Bangle
    Boots: Maitreya : Soho Boots (Boho-Chic)
    Hair: Marlys: Bianca’s Factory Hair (whipped cream – modded style and texture)

    Outfit 4:
    Shirt: Armidi Limited : The Faux Vest Tee (Electric Blue)
    Pants: SLink: Leather Pants (Aqua)
    Bracelets: /artilleri/ lulu7 bracelet (rainbow)
    Fanny Pack: Yummy: Fanny Pack EXTREEEME!!! (Mysterious Black)
    Earrings: Muse: The Dauphine Earring long (silver/jet)
    Corsage: /artilleri/ tropicana hair flower (worn as corsage!)
    Necklace: Kru Flan: Candy Necklace
    Shoes: Shiny Things: Woman’s Painter Shoe
    Hair: Ai Ni : Ella – Pearl/Silver

    BODY DETAILS: ( all outfits )
    Skin : Tuli: S5 pale ~ natural 2 (freckles)
    Lashes: Detour: Candy Lashes
    Eyes: *CS* Eyes : Light (Clear Blue)

    Link to this lookbook entry on Flickr!

    Flash Second Life Clothing Previewer ( runs in the browser! )

    Here is a very early proof of concept of a project I have been working on, ( so far it is nameless ) it is a clothing previewer that is written is Actionscript 3 and runs in Flash 9!

    This uses Papervision3D 2.0 Alpha – Great White. I use a collada file that I exported from Blender, of an .obj avatar mesh found on the Avatar Databank. This is still in the very early stages, I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet – suggestions wanted! It loads PNG files into layers equivalent to Second Life – like Skin, Undershirt, Shirt, Jacket.

    Please get a sneak peak of this project so far which is being tested and is currently a proof of concept.

    Click to see the live demo behind the cut!

    LOOKBOOK: september by delaney whippet


    I am going to put together a monthly composite of some outfits i enjoyed putting together.

    Here is the outfit details:

    Delaney Whippet from Microphage Reemerges!

    I am working on a software utility that will drastically speed up seams and matching between various templates as well as the front and back.

    I am trying to gage interest so please give me some fedback,

    1)Do seams drive you crazy? What do you think could be improved?

    2) what takes the most time aba making clothes ?

    3) ANything else that annoys you about making clothes – it simply takes too much time for me personally and i am trying to optimize.

    4 ) ( optional ) if you want to briefly describe your workflow that would be great.

    5? Your name.

    If you respond i will give you some details of wht i am making and you can tell me if you think it would be useful or not, free Microphage outfit of your choice and a free beta version of a software!

    It is cool i swear!

    email all survery to gbtunney@mac.com or Delaney Whippet in world.


    Last 8 Facts Tagged Person on SL!

    Hi, i am a loser so no one tagged me except the people who said they tagged anyone who hasn’t done it yet….. ( i started writing this a couple days ago but forgot to post! )

    Here are the rules:(1) Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.(2) People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.(3) At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.(4) Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

    8 facts about Delaney Whippet: ( some RL and SL )

    1. I work as a flash developer, creating interactive websites and cd-roms. I am currently working on a “Virtual Doctors Office” type program, where you question patients, make diagnosis and write prescriptions.

    2. I have some non human avatars: (from the Isle of Wyrms) Storm Dragon Wyrmling, Adult Steam Dragon Wyrm, Bast Dragon Hatchling, also a Fire Dragon Familiar ( named Seafoam Styx! ) and A Tiny Winged Pinto Pony.

    3. I LOVE SCREWDRIVERS!, with every fiber of my being. It is the nectar of the gods, the color of sunshine!!!

    4 . RL Baton and Fire Twirler! check me out!

    5. Favorite Designers: Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière, Pucci,Ann Demeulemeester, Custo Barcelona, Prada, Mui Mui, Anna Sui, John Galliano, Diesel, Etro, Marni, Alexander McQueen

    6. Some My Beauty and Style Icons: (kind of lengthy, but i get excited about stuff like this!! )
    Erin O’Connor : Regal,timeless and amazing. My favorite model of all time.
    Edie Sedgwick: Edie is constantly mentioned up and down as a style icon and muse, but in my opinion every ounce of praise is deserved. Her style is unable to be emulated by anyone. She is cute, waify, unique and her eyes speak volumes.
    Anna Piaggi: So colorful, ecclectic and original. Fashion Algebra is the shit.
    Chloe Sevigny: I kind of feel that Chloe gets lumped in the hipster category, but I think there is something oddly compelling about her face, and i especially love her train wreck moments – she has such a natural quirky style. It rocks.
    Kate Bosworth: This is a weird one for me since i usually don’t go for sorta boring blonds, and no one else seems to gets my love of her style either. Not sure if it is the product of a stylist but there is a general awkwardness, quirky sort of minimalism. I can’t explain this one.

    7. Went to Metaverse Meetup and release party for The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse. This was the first time I have ever met ANYONE in real life that is in SL. It was a very big deal for me!

    8. This is first attempt i made at a making a shirt in sl was this atrocity: DONT LAUGH!!
    OK, well i guess you can laugh.!

    Tag List: No one, i have no friends!

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